Mobile First – key trend for 2014

2014 just started and many marketers and strategists are debating over the key trends of this year. Thomas Kenny is a strategic planner at Leo Burnett in Toronto and presents his predictions.


“Mobile first” has been showing up on these Trends to Watch lists for years now but given its importance, it’s worth including it here again. Furthermore, despite all the lip service given to mobile, there are still many advertisers treating it as an afterthought. With this in mind, let us be clear: in 2013 the average US adult spent two hours and 21 minutes a day on their mobile device, up almost an hour from the year before. This is the real deal. For advertisers this means no more sites that aren’t optimized for mobile, no more desktop only experiences (ahem, Facebook apps and custom YouTube channels), and more content that looks just as good on a much smaller screen.

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